Sew Magical
by Devi Lanphere
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Basics of Dred Heads

Dred Heads are stretch velvet head covers that go with so many costumes, festical wear and more. Standard colors include balck, white, red, copper, green, blue, purple and brown.  Speciality patterns are available at fairs or through our auction on ebay.

Basic wearing INSTRUCTIONS:
  Bend over and let your hair fall forward.  Hold one end of the Dred Heads securely against your head letting the dreds fall forward.  Wrap tightly around your head (making sure your natural hair is in the center of the wrap). Slightly twist the end and tuck into the wrapped portion to secure.  (If the tuck is in the front or at your forehead, rewrap and adjust the placement of your starting point.)  Flip your head back and adjust as needed.

Dred Heads© curls can be refreshed by tugging on each dred.  The fabric curls up easily.  Dred Heads also make great waist wraps. Some materials are washable but not all.  Test a small area before washing.  Always hand wash if possible or refresh with Frebreeze©.  Never place in the washer or dryer. 


 Dred Head     $25
 Set of Two      $40
 Additional Dreds
after purchasing two - each is only
 Extra Long Dreds  $45 

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